How to import Dummy Cloud™ WAN Emulator virtual appliance into VMWare Workstation

Follow these step by step instructions to import the Dummy Cloud™ WAN Emulator into VMWare Workstation.
You can download the OVF package for free from our download section.
Click on the screen-shots for full size view.

Initial VM Importation:
  1. Start VMWare Workstation

  2. Click File--> Import or Export and at the Welcome screen click Next
  3. At the Source Screen click Next
  4. At Source Type select Virtual Appliance and click Next
  5. At the Virtual Appliance Location screen click Browse and navigate to where the Dummy Cloud™ WAN Emulator VM OVF file is located
    1. Select it, click Open and then click Next
  6. At the Virtual Appliance Details screen click Next
  7. Read and Accept the EULA
  8. At the Destination screen click Next
  9. At Destination Type screen select Other Virtual Machine and click Next
  10. At the Name and Location screen type in the desired name for the VM and it's storage path
  11. At the VM Options page click Next without changing the defaults
  12. At the Networks page click Next
  13. At the Customizations page click Next
  14. Review the information at the Ready to Complete screen and click Finish
  15. The importation step should complete within a few minutes

Initial VM Configuration:
  1. You should now have Dummy Cloud™ WAN Emulator VM listed as a VM in VMWare Workstation
  2. Click on Edit Virtual Machine and then click Add
  3. Select network Adapter and click Next
  4. Select Bridged and Connect at power on and click Finish
  5. Click Add again select Network Adapter click Next and configure the second interface to connect to a different virtual or physical network.  In this example we use VMnet3
  6. Repeat the above steps to add a THIRD interface to Dummy Cloud™ WAN Emulator.  Map it to a separate virtual or physical network.  It is important that each of the Three NICs belong to separate networks, even if you're only planning on using two interfaces.
  7. You should now have Three (3) Network Adapters listed under the Dummy Cloud™ WAN Emulator device list
  8. Click Edit Virtual Machine Settings, select the virtual Floppy Drive and click Remove
  9. Click Options while in the VM Settings window and apply the following suggested configurations
    1. Adjust Power control settings
    2. Disable Debuggers
    3. Adjust Guest Isolation Settings
  10. Start the VM and within a few minutes you should have the Dummy Cloud™ WAN Emulator User Interface displayed within the VMWare Workstation Console