How to import Dummy Cloud™ WAN Emulator virtual appliance into VMWare Server using VMWare Converter

Follow these step by step instructions to import the Dummy Cloud™ WAN Emulator into VMWare Server 2.x using VMWare Converter.
You can download the OVF for free from our download section.
Click on the screen-shots for full size view.

Initial VM Importation:
  1. Start VMWare Converter and click convert machine
  2. On the specify source page, select source type Virtual Appliance, click Browse and navigate to where the Dummy Cloud™ WAN Emulator OVF file is located, select it and click Next
  3. On the appliance details page click Next
  4. Accept the EULA and click Next
  5. On the destination type window, select VMWare Workstation or other VMWare Virtual Machine.
    1. Select VMWare Product VMWare Server 2.x
    2. Click Browse and navigate to where you want to store the final VM
    3. Click Next
  6. On the options window click Next
  7. On the summary page click Next
  8. The conversion should complete within a few minutes
  9. Move the folder containing the converted VM to the VMWare Server Datastore folder and log in to the servers' web access interface
  10. Select the Datastore and click Add virtual machine to inventory
  11. Navigate to the Dummy Cloud folder, select the VMX file and click OK

Initial VM Configuration:
  1. You should now have Dummy Cloud™ WAN Emulator listed as a VM in VMWare Server
  2. Select the Dummy Cloud™ WAN Emulator VM, click on the Floppy Drive down arrow and click Remove
  3. Click Yes on the confirmation dialogue
    1. Repeat the above two steps to remove the CD/DVD Drive
  4. Click on each Network Adapter down arrow and click Edit
  5. Select which pre-configured network connection you want the virtual network adapter to map to
  6. If you only want to use two (2) network adapters, do not delete the third interface, simply edit it and disable Connect at power on and click OK
  7. Click the Console Tab and click the large play icon to start the Dummy Cloud™ WAN Emulator VM
  8. After the virtual machine starts, click anywhere within the window to open a console to the Dummy Cloud™ WAN Emulator
  9. You should now have a VMWare Server console displaying the Dummy Cloud™ WAN Emulator user interface