Dummy Cloud™ - WAN Emulator

Dummy Cloud WAN Emulators allow you to test how your applications will perform across a Wide Area Network (WAN).
Whether you're a Systems Administrator deploying a new critical ERP application, a Consultant managing a WAN Optimization project, or an Application Developer working on the latest Cloud enabled app; being able to test the performance of applications across a emulated WAN is critical in today's distributed workplace.

Dummy Cloud
WAN Emulators are capable of accurately simulating WAN characteristics such as:
  • Bandwidth Restrictions
  • Latency
  • Packet Loss
  • Queue Depth
  • Asymmetric Link Environments
  • Dynamic Bandwidth Environments (such as in shared satellite networks)
  • Dynamic MAC Overhead (such as in wireless networks)
The multiple available formats and support for both Bridge Mode and Routing Mode, allows accurate WAN emulation to be integrated easily into any existing lab or production network.

When used in routing mode, support for standard routing protocols such as OSPF and RIPv2, provide a fully routable test site that can simulate a typical T1 MPLS link, a satellite link with 800ms RTT and 2% Packet Loss and anything in between!  The same can be accomplished in a more simplified bridged environment.
Integrated Top talkers, interface counters and SNMP MIB II support, allow you to verify Application tuning, WAN Optimization technologies and overall WAN utilization.

Available formats include:
  • VMWare Virtual Appliance
  • Bootable USB Flash Drive image
  • Compact Flash image
  • Riverbed RSP package
Download the FREE Dummy Cloud Base Edition and test your applications today.

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